Cadence: How Do You Meet Now?

As COVID restrictions are lifting across the country, and business owners and their employees are deciding whether or how to come back together in an office setting, the question persists: How and when should people meet for work? 


Whether you’re in-person, at home or mixing it up – you and your team are probably not meeting enough. 


It’s easy to let staff meetings slip through the cracks as a busy managing attorney.  But, if you’re not organizing them – nobody else will. 

Cadence: How Do You Meet Now?

And, organization is the key component: You can’t hold regular meetings if you don’t put them on the calendar.  You won’t hold focused meetings, if you don’t develop an agenda.  Regardless of whether you hold those meetings online or in-person, the same organizational principles apply. 


And, if you don’t want to commit to long-form weekly meetings, borrow a scrum tactic, and adopt daily ‘standup’ meetings, to replace longer weekly meetings, so you can spread those out further. 


Both software (like video conferencing) and hardware (microphone and speaker systems) make it possible to host mixed meetings, so you can accommodate both those who are ready to return to the office (or those who never left), and those who wish to stay at home – for the time being, or for a longer period of time. 


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Want to better define your work culture in the new normal?  We can help! 

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