System Update: Law Firms Must Move from Analog to Digital Processes

As the pandemic grinds on, law firms continue to see fewer opportunities to meet clients and referral sources in person.  With no clear end in sight, law firms should be prepared to hunker down for the long-term.  And, that means, in part, that attorneys should be moving as many analog processes as they can to digital processes.

Law firms that are used to, or only willing to, manage in-person events have been required to reconsider that stance.  It’s time to rethink every process in your law firm to create online options for what have traditionally been offline events.  Every offline transaction you utilize in your law practice, can be shifted to an online transaction.  And, if you’re not making those moves now, the question is when will you?  If you’re not making the transition to a modern law practice during a global pandemic, then when will you?

Line ‘Em Up: The Secret to Hiring Is Gaining Massive Business Efficiency First

Imagine if Henry Ford had tried to create massive efficiency within the automotive industry, and just hired people, before he started building assembly lines.  It would have been a disaster.  At that point, one of the greatest innovations of the 20th Century becomes just another Hindenburg disaster.

Yet, law firms try to do this all the time!  They onboard staff and associates without any sort of processes or workflows in place.  That’s part of the reason why law firms, especially small law firms, tend to shy away from the hiring process: they’ve had bad experiences -- because they can’t effectively onboard new employees,

No Direction Home: What To Do With Clients Who Don’t Want a Lawyer

There are legal consumers out there who don’t want you, you know. There is a subset of DIY legal consumers that want legal information, advice and services -- but, they don’t want to pay a lawyer for those items, because they think that lawyers are too expensive, and because they think that they can do a passable job on their own.  In certain instances, they’re probably right -- on both counts.

Off Day: Lawyers Never Stop Working, But They Should

Many people have a vision of white collar workers sitting in comfortable office spaces . . .when they’re not golfing.  Small business owners cry foul. The fact of the matter is that most small business owners are working all the time: at night, before dawn, on the weekends.  Running a business is hard. But, eventually, everybody runs down.  Either you give yourself time and space, or your body forces you into it.