Trial by Fire: Lawyers Don't Have to Be Perfect, When It Comes to Business Management

Running a business, really, is conducting one big experimentYou’re continually testing hypotheses, and seeing whether they workYou need to make frequent adjustments, to tweak things, for the betterYou could say that a business owner is like a scientist – perhaps a less glamorous analogy would be that it’s like owning an old car, that you constantly have to fix. 


In any event, no successful business owner has a perfect recordThough, that’s not a bad thing, necessarilyMaking mistakes, iterating on them, and improving – is basically what business owners do. 

Of course, that can be a difficult thing for law firm business owners to get their heads aroundThat’s because most of them are lawyers – and lawyers are trained to be perfect, to never make mistakes, with the ever-present threat of an ethics claim hanging over their headsBut, running a business is not practicing lawIt’s okay to make mistakes – in fact, it’s encouragedSo, if you’re a lawyer trying to run a business, you almost need to bifurcate your risk-averse and risk-taking sides between the roles of lawyer and business ownerObviously, that’s difficult to doBut, if you can manage the trick – you can crush it, in both aspects of your personal life. 


If you’re looking for inspiration on this score, check out this podcast, where an actual lawyer admits to making mistakes, and talk about how it benefitted him, and his practice. 


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And, if you’re looking for a boost for your business management – just reach out, and contact us! 

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