Chicken & Egg: Do Law Firms Need Clients or Talent More Right Now?

I was talking to a friend of mine, who runs a highly successful law firm, the other dayAnd, he told me ‘clients aren’t the problem, I need to hire good lawyers’And, I thought to myself: ‘You know what – I have been hearing that a lot lately’. 

Now, that makes for an interesting inflection point in the marketplace – because, I think that, if you asked lawyers what they need more, the answer would be ‘clients, I can never have enough clients’But, in the current job market, it’s actually harder to get good attorneys, than it is to get good clients.  Believe it or not, good clients are far more plentiful right nowNow, this may turn around, at some point; but, there are no signs (at least currently), that this will again become an employer’s market, as it did during the start of the pandemic. 


So, if you’ve got a growing firm, and you’re putting significant effort in, and stretching yourself in any direction – it’s probably that you’re bending over backwards, trying to acquire new talentAnd, you’re likely becoming continually more aggressive, acting almost like your own legal recruiter, to work to contact, proposition and close new hires.  But, that’s the only effective pathway, at the moment, in the most competitive market in the legal space: the hiring market. 


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