Sum Certain: Cashflow Projections Build Confidence for Lawyers

Law firm revenue usually has an ebb & flow to it, especially when you talk about firms that rely on hourly billing.  Most attorneys would probably say that their revenue is pretty unpredictable. 


The only problem with that thesis is that it’s not entirely trueLaw firms can design some assumptions about what they’ll make by utilizing revenue projectionsCompare that to historical data, and you’re bound to find trends (and, likely, seasonality), as well as recurring themes around how and when you make money. 

And, you don’t have to do it on your ownIf you utilize an accountant, bookkeeper, or (fractional) chief financial officer (CFO), you can ask that person to develop ‘cashflow projections’ for you; and, you can do that on an annual basis, at the start of every new year.  The more you do that, the more accurate those projections will become. 


Lots of law firms I talk to will say they’re having a bad month, from time to time.  And, the followup question is always: ‘Compared to what?’  If you think you’re having a bad August, is that really true, compared to what you did August of last year, or the year before that? 


In the end, when law firms generate cashflow projections and compare them to actual cashflow, firm owners can gain fresh confidence around their financesIf you understand your cashflow at depth, your revenue models become more predictable and accessible, over time. 


. . . 


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