Transfer Portal: Sharing Files Securely is a Piece of Cake Now

If you’re still sharing files with clients, referral sources and other attorneys, via email attachment – or, heaven forfend: fax! you need to step up your gameEmail is an inherently unsecure technology; so, if you’re sending confidential information via email, you need to secure that information, by encrypting it – at the document level, or at the system levelBut, that takes additional time and effort, and costs more. 

Instead, why not share confidential information through a secure, encrypted platform, through which the person who is to receive the information logs into, thereby bypassing the email problem, where that information passes through several servers (some of which may be unencrypted), before reaching its final destinationWith a client portal, your document stays where it is (safely encrypted), and your recipient comes in to get it. 


Now, you can share files and documents via document storage programs in this fashion, using tools like OneDrive/Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.  But, the best option is to utilize a client portal attached to a case management software, like: MyCase, Clio, FileVine, etc. – because, while the functionality is the same, there’s just a lot more information organized at that platform, that you can more easily share (like documents, files, time & billing and other, associated case information). 


. . . 


If you need to leverage your existing software at a higher level, just reach out to us, to talk things through. 

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