Drop Anchor: What Is Your Flagship Content?

I talk to lawyers a lot about generating in-house content, that features them, and that is authentic to their personalities.  Of course, I’m pushy: So, sometimes, attorneys get frustrated with me, and say: ‘Hey, I’ve got a lot going on!’  I get it.  It’s tough to find the time – which is why it makes sense to specialize. 


Individual lawyers, then, should have ‘anchor’ content = the primary content you produce, that you can leverage in a number of different ways, and repurposeIt’s, hopefully, something you enjoy putting together, since you’ll be doing a lot of it. 


Let’s flesh this out, with an example: Suppose you decide to host an interview-based podcast, and you do that every monthWell, you can easily create a transcript of the audio & republish it, in full or in snippets – as blog posts, or articles, or white papersAnd, you can also record video, and publish the whole thing, or shorter snippets – with or without closed captionsThen, you can publish all that content via various social media channels, or through remarketing campaigns – via email, text, carrier pigeon, etcPlus, if you’ve got a new podcast guest every time, you can share any or all of that content with them, so they can promote you, tooAnd, thus: your efforts begin to proliferate. 


The point is: you can do one thing, and get multiples of value from itAnd, if you’ve got staff, you can just be the talent, while they cut, paste, copy and post. 


. . . 


Is it time to raise your flagReach out, and we can discuss how. 

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